What Security Insurance Covers for a Security Firm

Even when you provide security to the world around you, your security is always at risk. There have been many instances in the security industry where the biggest security firms have faced different situations and breaches requiring them to cover the legal and other related expenses. Offering the best physical security does not ensure risk prevention of every kind, and problems outside the physical domain may require proper coverage to mediate the consequences. The thought behind security insurance is simple: risk elimination is impossible; therefore, being prepared for the consequences is mandatory in the security industry. Here, the article will focus on how Security Insured’s security insurance services can keep your security firm more secure!

Different Security Insurance Coverage Necessary for a Security Firm

Before diving into deeper discussion, it is important to note that every security firm requires some mandatory and extremely important insurance covers:

General Liability Insurance

You may find it being offered under the title of business liability insurance as well. Taking a general liability insurance coverage can be your companion towards the route of success. Any bodily injury or property damage and related legal expenses are covered under this insurance. Similarly, such a policy is a mandatory requirement for the PPO license in many areas to operate your security firm. The minimum single loss coverage required is 1,000,000 USD. Don’t worry! With our dedicated security insurance coverage, you can get this coverage at minimal prices.

Different Types of General Liability Insurance

  • Professional Insurance: Any error and omission are not covered in General Liability Insurance. Therefore, you need separate coverage for negligence claims called Professional Insurance. Such insurance can be very expensive if taken separately. However, with our security insurance coverage, you get the benefit of this insurance under the same premium.
  • Battery and Assault Insurance: Your security officers are humans and are prone to errors. One issue often raised for security companies is where a security officer ends up causing serious physical or emotional harm to someone. Even the most perfect security companies are prone to such breaches and often end up facing legal issues. If you offer security in areas where drunken people are present, you must take this insurance cover. Otherwise, protecting your firm from expensive lawsuits would become difficult. The best option here is to take our security insurance that provides batter and assault insurance under the same package.
  • Firearm Insurance: Every security company owns and retains firearms. However, misplacement and stealing of firearms are more common than most people would consider. As such, the security company needs to prepare for the consequences in case firearms are mishandled. Therefore, most security firms require firearm insurance for their company as well. However, taking a separate firearm insurance cover can be expensive and may provide coverage for issues that don’t occur in the security. Therefore, to avoid paying for such unlikely events, it is better to take our security insurance cover that provides firearm insurance suite to the industrial requirements.

Worker’s Compensation

Let’s be honest: your security guards are performing a risky job. The field experience for security company employees is full of risks. Therefore, it is crucial to enforce safety standards. However, even with all safety standards followed, a worker may get injured. In such cases, the security company has to cover their medical expenses and lost income. To avoid the financial burden in this situation, we prefer taking our security insurance. We cover most issues directly within the same premium, making it easier for the security firm to operate in high-risk, high-reward areas.

Property Insurance

If your security firm signs a deal but fails to prevent the damage to a customer’s property, you may have to pay the expenses for the damage that occurred. It is important to note that general liability insurance is restrictive in the types of property damage it covers. Therefore, you need more comprehensive coverage to ensure coverage of property damage-related expenses. The good news is that such coverage is provided under our security insurance, which means that you do not need to pay any extra significant amount for the covers.


You may consider this insurance as the business version of personal car insurance. Your patrol vehicles may get damaged during the due course of the business, requiring hefty expenses to ensure their maintenance. We can cover a significant part of these costs through our auto-insurance policy.

Crime Insurance

Even when providing security services to others, your firm is prone to crime as well. A few benefits of crime coverage provided within Security Insured’s security insurance are as follows:

  • The security company receives cover for any damage to the company property caused by a crime, such as theft.
  • Any security officer on duty who is looted or faces a crime like theft is covered under this aspect of our security insurance.
  • Your security officer may commit an unlawful act on the field. For example, an office may drive the patrol car in a drunken state. Such a situation can cause serious issues for your business without proper coverage. In case such an event occurs, the business can remain protected from the hefty costs involved.

Other Types of Coverage offered By Security Insurance Cover

We compensate your legal expenses and ensure that any financial costs involved in wrongful arrests are met. Similarly, public and employer’s liability are covered, along with professional indemnity involved in security services. Another area of coverage is the motor fleet cover and property cover. Similarly, any personal accident or issues related to the directors and offices of the business are also covered as part of our security insurance cover.

Similarly, all our services are guaranteed. We ensure transparency of service and accept claims that are rightful immediately. For us, making our clients comfortable to progress in the security industry is our top priority.

The Bottomline On Security Insurance

Contact our team today and get the security insurance cover for your security company. Share your requirements and get the best quote that covers everything involved. Don’t miss the opportunity.