What is Security Insurance and the Benefits of the Insurance Cover?

Running a security company or operating in the security industry are tough tasks. Every day, numerous issues can arise for a range of reasons, causing disruption in the tasks of the security firms and making it difficult to cover the ensuing expenses. Therefore, it is important to remain prepared for such issues and their consequences. One way in which business protection can be ensured is through security service insurance. A security company can take this insurance cover to protect itself from the monetary damages and legal expenses that may occur in a breach. If you are unsure about security insurance benefits, read our article to find out how important it is for your firm!

What is Security Insurance?

As the name suggests, this insurance is offered to firms in the security industry to protect them from the costs that may arise to a range of issues that occur in due course of the business. The offer and terms of such insurance covers are suited specifically to security companies. Generally, security insurance combines different types of covers that a security firm would have to take separately if a security comprehensive insurance coverage is not available. Some of the covers may include:

  • Commercial General Liability
  • Negligence Liability
  • Cybercrime Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Commercial Liability
  • And many more!

Who Needs to Take a Security Insurance Cover?

Security insurance covers can be taken by any firm operating in the security industry due to their similar needs and requirements. Security Insured goes one step ahead by offering niche security insurance services for different types of firms that operate within the security industry. Therefore, you can take specific covers for event security companies, general security companies, and cyber security companies, etc., based on their requirements.

Generally, most of the clients for our security insurance covers offer the following services:

  • Bouncer services
  • Security Guards
  • Private Investigation Services
  • Body Guarding Services
  • Mobile Patrolling Services
  • Canine Security Services
  • Full-fledged security companies.

These firms can work with confidence and feel minimal concern about any unforeseen consequences by taking our insurance cover.

Benefits of Security Insurance

There are numerous benefits of taking a security insurance cover. Here, we shall outline some of the most important ones.

Security Industry is a Volatile and Risky Field

Let’s face it: very few industries have as much risk of injury and damage involved as for firms that operate in the security industry. Handling firearms, dealing with risky situations, and keeping clients protected under any circumstances is the life routine for such firms. Therefore, they are always dealing in a risky environment. Even with the best practices and complete protective standards, issues may cause legal and financial losses. Therefore, a security firm must take security insurance to keep itself protected under any circumstances. This way, operating their business can become easier and more relaxing for the security firm.

Legal Requirements

Many types of insurance covers are a legal requirement for the firms operating in the security industry. For example, general liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance may be mandatory requirements to get the relevant licenses required to operate a cyber security firm. Such individual insurance covers can be very expensive to get and even harder to maintain. Another issue with these covers is the time it takes to negotiate each one and be certain that the insurance company can live up to their words. Therefore, taking comprehensive security insurance instead can be a much better option. This way, the insurance covers can be taken in time to get the license soonest. Similarly, the premium is comparatively lower for one comprehensive insurance compared to many broken, separate insurances.

Smooth Operations

Unlike many other firms, a security firm can not halt its services even if its equipment or vehicle has a problem. Think about it in this way: if the patrol car of a security firm gets damaged, the firm can not use it as an excuse to stop offering mobile patrol security services to clients that need it immediately. Otherwise, the firm will put its clients at risk. Therefore, security insurance coverage is required to ensure smooth operations. If any equipment failure or problem occurs, the security insurance cover can help to immediately fix the problem and ensure that the security firm can resume its services. Otherwise, the firm may face serious losses and may lose long-term customers as well.

Protecting the Firm’s Reputation

Your reputation matters the most in the security industry. Any firm that becomes known to be negligent would eventually be removed from the public eye, and no one would hire their services to keep themselves secure. Having a security insurance cover testifies that a firm operating in the security industry has taken the best measures to compensate and mediate any issues that may occur despite their high-end and secure services. The gist here is to project an image of full safety and security to the customers. Additionally, the client would know that if a breach occurs or any problem happens, the security company would be able to compensate for the issue using their security insurance cover. Naturally, people would be more included to use such services. Also, in case of a breach, all the required remedial steps can be taken instantly to protect the firm’s image from any negative publicity. Remember, in this field; every small mistake can cost you everything. Thus, every mistake must be avoided.

The Cost Factor

Taking separate insurance covers can be very costly. You need to pay separate premiums and may lose out on important covers still. On the other hand, getting a comprehensive security insurance cover is relatively cheaper and more suitable for a security insurance firm. Additionally, you get better return for money from the services as well.

The Bottomline

Having a proper security insurance cover is no less than a blessing for a firm operating in the security industry. Taking our security insurance cover can make you more comfortable in the industry and pave the way for success.