Is protecting the world from evil just a part of your daily routine? Do you, like only a few special chosen ones possess a superpower? Well then, finally we have launched an insurance product that’s right for you.

Superhero Insurance Bespoke For You

Travel Insurance

For the time traveling superhero. Do you travel to new dimensions or often find yourself traveling back in time to prevent nasty indiscretions ever happening… well our Superhero Travel (Space & Time) Insurance with unlimited trips is definitely for you.

Transportation Insurance & Breakdown Cover

As you know, not all superheroes have the ability to fly, for those of you who spent your younger days as mere mortals and/or have had superheroism thrust upon them, we have formulated some great cover for you and your chosen mode of transport. Whether it’s flying suits, telephone boxes, surfboards, or a car or van that’s armed to the teeth, we’ll get you covered.

There are of course those superheroes that drive vehicles, and others that actually are vehicles, which is why we have added Autobot Insurance to our list of impressive new products.

Health Insurance

If it’s one thing we know about you superheroes it’s that you’ll always have an arch nemesis and one thing your arch nemesis wants to do, is destroy you. That’s why we’ve created SuperheroHealth with our yearly superpower recharge service and MOT.

Our health insurance will protect you from such things as:

  • Loss of superpowers (see our liability policy for ‘on the job’ loss of superpowers/consequential loss of superpowers)
  • Identity recognition (add our mobile phone force field extension and never worry about being unmasked in a fan selfie again)
  • 50% saving for ongoing superpower training (including Wizardry)

Gadget Insurance

Power rings, indestructible shields, web shooters, a lasso of truth, utility belts, the list of superhero gadgets just goes on. If you own it and it helps you protect our planet from evil, we’ll insure it.

Terms and Conditions

  • You must be able to prove you are a ‘goodie’ and not a ‘baddie’.
  • You must have a superpower (putting on your mums tights and a cape does not qualify you).
  • No matter how hot she/he is, you must not reveal your identity under any circumstances.


  • Height: 370,300km
  • Depth: 10m

“With great power comes great responsibility. This is our policy, our terms. Who are we? Superhero Insured”.

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Contact Charlie O’Mahoney or Aideen Gavin on 0800 7797 880 if you qualify.