It is quite common that people confuse Door Supervisors with Security Guards and vice-versa. In fact we have worked with companies that have previously been penalised on their insurance policies because they have declared that they use door supervisors when in fact they don’t.

The reason why a higher premium is attributed to Door Supervisors is for the simple fact is that there is a far greater potential for an incident to occur which may lead to a claim on a policy featuring Door Supervisors than in any other area of guarding comparatively. This is based on claims history right across the insurance industry and is the reason behind now why some insurers shy away from offering terms to business that operate with solely Door Supervision in their job description.

A licenced Door Supervisor can act as a Security Guard but a Security Guard, even with the proper licence can not act as a Door Supervisor.

Door supervisors are responsible for security, protection or screening the suitability of persons entering licensed premises or dealing with conflict in pubs, night clubs and other licensed premises open to the public. The door supervisor is the individual who works on the premises authorised by the local governing bodies. They also have the responsibility to judge any person entering the premises on their behaviour selecting who may not be suitable to enter the premises. Hence it is required for the Door Supervisor to have proper training in the physical intervention, drug awareness and alcohol licensing whilst keeping the order in the premises in terms of law and each visitor’s safety. In fact it is only the feature of physical intervention within the training modules that sets aside the two.

Security Guards are therefore responsible for security in non-licensed premises, such as buildings, office blocks, retail sites, construction sites, security receptions and other non licensed premises.

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Blog by: Nick Hems