Examples of Claims

Examples of Claims Mobile

Example 1 – Loss of Keys

Our policyholder was contracted to oversee security at an event at a high profile location, grade 1. The mobile security guard erroneously took the keys away from the location and lost them. The batch of keys contained most of the outer perimeter locks, consequently, the entire property security had to be overhauled including doors and alarms. Cost over £30,000


Example 2 – False Arrest

Our policyholder was contracted to patrol a city centre and were made aware by a CCTV operative of a handbag snatch. They were given a description and wrongly identified a person. The person was vigorous in his denial of being involved in the activity and the security officer used force to restrain the person, which was not in the remit of his job. The wrongly accused party suffered a broken hand during the incident. The court decided that the security officer was negligent for working outside his job remit and for not being sufficiently accurate in the description of the thief. Cost £8,000


Example 3 – Event Security

A high profile annual event contracted a main security contractor to undertake the event security. They sub-contracted an area to our policyholder. The event steward identified an altercation and approached swiftly to diffuse the situation. However, whilst trying to get to the incident quickly, they knocked over a woman who sustained a broken ankle. The courts decided that not enough care was taken to avoid injury to innocent members of the public. Cost £12,000. Read more about Event Security Insurance

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