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Locksmith Insurance

Locksmiths make it their business to look after other people’s security, yet it is equally important to take care of one’s own business, too. As specialist insurers for the security and locksmith industry, you can count on our experience and expertise to provide you with the right cover – whether you are a locksmith company, partnership or sole trader.

Looking at this critical subject another way, locks and security systems are in place for years. An appropriate insurance policy is essential, therefore, to cover not only the hardware you supply but also the security advice that you provide.

Looking After Locksmiths

Imagine you are at a client site and – unfortunately – a broken window or stray cable causes personal injury. Such mishaps, injuries and inconvenience might well involve yourself, one of your staff, a client’s employee or a member of the public. Naturally, it is best to be sure that your locksmith insurance policy protects you against the possible legal and financial consequences of these unexpected events.

With a bespoke policy from our experienced team, you will be secure in the knowledge that you have adequate cover for all the risks to which your business is exposed. Additionally, if you do need to make a claim, you will be able to rely on the highest standards of customer service at Security Direct – with adept in-house administration, handling and support.

Providing Comprehensive and Competitive Insurance

There are various reasons why we suggest you speak to us before you renew your locksmith’s insurance or take out a new policy. Firstly, when you trust our insurance for locksmiths and installers, you will benefit from peace of mind as well as competitive premiums.

Covering the value of your working tools, locksmith equipment and other professional gear is clearly of crucial importance, as – apart from their value – they are indispensable for you to earn a living. However, it is a legal obligation for all companies to have insurance cover for employee liability. Apart from any full-time employees, employee insurance is also necessary for part-time, contract and temporary staff.

If you would like to arrange your locksmith’s cover today, please click here.

Offering Locksmiths a Wide Choice

So that you have the time you want to focus on your core business, we specialise in unlocking the mystery of insurance. Rely on the right level of cover to protect you against risks, as well as convenient, practical options to spread the premiums. We deal with market-leading insurers and specialise in a broad range of policies to insure you against:

  • Public liability.
  • Employer’s liability.
  • Theft or loss (subject to certain policy conditions) of equipment and tools.
  • Professional indemnity (liability).
  • Legal expenses.
  • Stock.
  • Contents, including equipment in transit.

Depending on the policy and insurer, instant cover may be available. Fixed premiums may be subject to annual declarations.

Here at Security Direct Insurance, we also offer associated cover for:

  • CCTV installers.
  • Fidelity bonds.
  • Commercial vehicle insurance .
  • Loss of keys.
  • Door staff.
  • Security guards.

Whether you have recently set up as a locksmith or are looking for a competitively priced annual insurance renewal premium, we invite you to call us today. One of our team of insurance experts will be pleased to assist, discuss your requirements and customise your insurance to meet your business needs.

Discounts are available on specific policies for members of the MLA (Master Locksmiths Association). We also provide coverage for auto locksmiths and mobile locksmith services at competitive rates.

Why Locksmiths Choose Security Insured

As specialist brokers, we represent a portfolio of similar clients in a similar trade group, enabling us to use the associated purchasing power to our customers’ advantage. Our broad network of connections within the wholesale insurance market means we can secure and pass on the best locksmith business insurance conditions, helping to drive down costs and reduce premiums.

In the busy locksmith trade, today’s professionals and tradespersons rightly expect business insurance policies that meet their needs, without troublesome exclusion clauses and additional small print. At Security Insured, we understand your business and offer comprehensive cover at a fair price with high standards of service. Expert knowledge means we can ask insurers relevant questions and give you the right answers the first time and without delay, thus saving you time and effort.

Highly competitive insurance packages

Security Insured help  Locksmiths Installers with highly competitive insurance packages. Let us give you 5 reasons why you should talk to us before renewing your premium or starting a new one.

  •   Our extensive knowledge of the security insurance marketplace means we immediately know where to go to get the best deals, saving you money.
  •  As specialist brokers we represent many clients of a similar type which means we can use our buying power to your advantage
  •  Expert knowledge means we are able to ask the right questions and give you the right answers straight away saving you time and effort.
  • A credible and real understanding of policy exclusions, preventing potential gaps in your cover or you paying over the odds for something you don’t need. 
  •  The best possible customer service experience as well as consistently offering fantastic value

We understand your business

Security Insured know that you need an insurer that takes the time to understand your business and has specialist knowledge of your marketplace to ensure that you have all the correct cover. Although we hope you never have to make a claim, you can rest assured that in any event you’ll be covered with us. Have just finished training as a Locksmith and are looking for competitive insurance or are in the process of renewing your current insurance package? Why not call us today and talk to one of our experts who can model your insurance to your exact needs. We insure companies and individuals and understand the cover that is required within the locksmith industry.

Why you need Locksmith Insurance

No matter how skilled you or your employees are, mistakes can and do happen. Insurance is a must to prevent the possibly disastrous results from claims against you when uninsured. Our locksmith insurance packages include public liability insurance, product liability insurance and insurance to cover legal expenses.

Let us save you time, money by finding you a great deal and tailoring  your insurance to your specific needs.

We also insure door staff, CCTV installers insurance and insurance for security guards.


  • Public and Products Liability
  • Employers Liability 
  • Efficacy cover 
  •  Professional Indemnity
  • Stock
  •  Contents – Including Transported Equipment


  •  Fidelity Bonding
  • Fleet or Commercial Vehicle Insurance
  • Loss of Keys Cover 


Your business will be protected against the specific risks you face, which enables you to get on with what you want to most of all, running/growing your business and generating profit.

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