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Five Reasons to Insure With Us

Let us give you 5 reasons why you should talk to us before renewing your insurance policy or starting a new one.

  •   Our extensive knowledge of the security insurance marketplace means we immediately know where to go to get the best deals, saving you money.
  •  As specialist brokers we represent many clients of a similar type which means we can use our buying power to your advantage
  •  Expert knowledge means we are able to ask the right questions and give you the right answers straight away saving you time and effort.
  • A credible and real understanding of policy exclusions, preventing potential gaps in your cover or you paying over the odds for something you don’t need. 
  •  The best possible customer service experience as well as consistently offering fantastic value

CCTV Installers Insurance

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Security Insured know that you need an insurer that takes the time to understand your business and has specialist knowledge of your marketplace to ensure that you have all the correct cover. Although we hope you never have to make a claim, you can rest assured that in any event, you have the best possible policy coverage available from security insurance experts.

Security Insured are leading Insurance Brokers to the Security Industry and our insurance packages are utilised by CCTV installation companies from across the UK.  We have in depth knowledge of the CCTV installation industry and that is why our policies are tailored to the individual needs of each client. We offer quick, no obligation, competitive quotation. Call or request a quotation here

Why You Need Insurance

When installing CCTV cameras no matter how skilled you are products can and do fail and things can and do go wrong. As installers you could be faced with large compensation claims, sometimes so large a business can go under unless protected correctly. You need to careful consider things like:

  • Public Liability Insurance,
  • Product Liability Insurance,
  • Employers Liability Insurance
  • Insurance to Cover Your Legal Expenses.
  • Contractual Liability
  • Financial Losses
  • Property / Tools
  • Personal Accidents

We also offer door staff insurance, security guard insurance . To read more about our full insurance services click here.


  • Commissioning 
  •  Consultancy and design
  •  Installation
  • Service and maintenance 
  •  Monitoring


  • Cables
  • CCTV
  • Gate Entry Systems
  • Microphones
  • Monitors
  • Recorders
  • Signs


  •  Public and products liability
  •   Property cover
  •  Professional Indemnity
  • Employers liability
  •  Efficacy cover


Your CCTV installation business will be protected against the specific risks you face, which enables you to get on with what you want to most of all, running/growing your business and generating profit.

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